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Formly Oregon Medical Grade Rainier, We are Oregon Owned, and Oregon Grown. PESTICIDE FREE! Shop with confidence knowing all of our product are Pesticide Free! NO PRE-PACKAGED FLOWER! Come shop with your nose! Know what you're buying before you buy! NO TAX ON CBD PRODUCTS! All of our pure CBD products are Tax Free! Don't worry about the 20% Tax! Quality Pre-Tested Flower Wanted. Vendors, please email test results and asking price to:; then call 503-395-2340 to schedule an appointment. We are looking for slow cured, properly flushed flower that has a strong bouquet and shelf appeal. Please be patient while we schedule you. We can't give enough attention to vendors who just walk in so we send them away. During your appointment, we will have plenty of time to take a look at your product and buy it that day if it fits our needs. 21+ with photo I.D. We are open for RECREATIONAL and MEDICAL!!! We focus on quality and affordability, procuring perfect flowers that fit every budget. Compare our cannabis and see why we call it Medical Grade. We grow the majority of our cannabis, carefully flushing and then slow curing it to perfection; bringing out the full strain profile. Then we carefully separate the best trim to be cured and concentrated into our terpy extracts. Oregon State law requires us to only sell (REC) customers 28 Grams of Cannabis, 5 Grams of Concentrates,1 Lb. of Edibles, 72 Fluid Ounces (Edibles) per day. You can also purchase 4 Clones per day, as a (REC) customer. You MUST present a valid/unexpired ID every visit. Our employees pass background checks and our computers are encrypted. We do not share your information with anybody. Our Menu is updated at least twice per week, So we should have everything on the menu when you get here! That being said, If you are driving far please be sure to phone ahead and check our stock. See you soon!


License : M10-17-0000040-TEMP
Email :
Address : 75940 Rock Crest St.
City : Rainier
State : OR
Country : US
Zip : 97048


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